3210 – Progress Report Week Eight



Eighth week? What is happening? Where is the year going? What am I doing with my life?

Well, currently I’ve been editing like a madman. I’ve finished basic editing for each of my episodes, and have actually bumped it up to 6 episodes not just 5. Next, I have to mess with color correcting (which scares me) and audio editing (which really terrifies me). After I finish that I will have to go through the whole uploading process, which I have heard takes time.

I’m debating on whether or not to change my 2nd project’s idea. I was planning to do a how-to about the different machines that we have in our university’s new maker’s space. However, while I do find the machines interesting I’d like to do something more centered around my own hobbies/likes. Then I get to thinking about my likes and I don’t really know if I could teach anybody to do anything based on things I like to do.

I still have a bit of time to think it over, but I do have to start working on my proposal soon so it would be nice to figure out what I want to create soon.

We didn’t have a topic post this week, which was really nice because I’ve been really concerned with finishing all of my editing.


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