Rich Media Review – BuzzFeed

Rich Media Review – Online Video – Entertainment – BuzzFeed

If you haven’t heard of BuzzFeed then you are either living under a rock or you are an 86 year old who has never turned on a computer before. BuzzFeed is a website, several YouTube channels, and social media accounts dedicated to flinging around funny content for a younger audience. BuzzFeed has roughly nine YouTube channels – BuzzFeedBuzzFeedYellow, BuzzFeedBlue, BuzzFeedVioletPero Like, After Party, Tasty, BuzzFeedFood, BuzzFeed Celeb. It also has 5 mobile apps – BuzzFeed, QuizChat, BuzzFeed News, BuzzFeed Video, and Cute or Not. BuzzFeed’s monthly global content views are more than 7 billion, which is a pretty huge number. How could BuzzFeed create such a huge online empire?

Well, here’s what I think.

BuzzFeed knows their audience. They know what their audience likes and what they want to see whenever they log on to any platform online. They know that social media is a big part of their audience’s lifestyle, so there’s no surprise that 75% of unique visitors come from social platforms. They also know that their audience loves mobile devices. So, its not a surprise that they push their mobile services, which has resulted in 70% of their traffic happening on mobile devices.

BuzzFeed knows that their audience wants quick and quirky videos. They kind of understand diversity and attempt to cater certain videos to more diverse individuals. They know that their audience likes a bit of consistency with the people who are in the videos, so they keep around individuals that are going to be great faces of the company. They are also constantly creating. BuzzFeed knows that consistency is the key to success and they make sure that they release something every day so that their audience will stay on their sites and not venture to another source for entertainment.

They understand that many internet users want a break from the slew of content that they are being hounded with on a daily basis and so BuzzFeed is creating a space for that mindless scrolling that many people seek. Facebook isn’t a top contender because there is always some post that deals with heavier events on an individual’s timeline. However, BuzzFeed will bring you endless scrolling with little items that will bring you down.

The Future of BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is here to stay. I believe that we are going to be wasting even more time on BuzzFeed as every year passes. BuzzFeed videos will probably get shorter because there is definitely a desire for shorter content. Also, I believe that there will be an increase in the desire for quicker content, what I mean by this is faster jump cuts, faster pans, quicker subject changes, and quicker location changes all in one video.

The future development of BuzzFeed will probably shift their focus from producing written content to solely producing video content. While, BuzzFeed will give you great entertainment I do believe that it will increase the amount of news coverage that it produces. This will occur because of their audience’s growing desire to understand what is occurring throughout the world and how it might effect them.


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