3210 – Topic Post – Proposals


Apparently you can not simply think up an idea, make it into a reality, and then hope that something positive happens after you release it into the world. You have to make this thing called a proposal and have your client understand everything that you’re going to give them and the outcome that is going to happen because of your work. That’s a crazy thought. While it would be nice to think that you could just come up with an idea and do it, you really have to go through a lot of planning to get it finished.

Here are some aspects of proposals that you should think about when you’re writing one:

  • Make sure you are clearly explaining who your audience is because you really can not say that everyone in the whole world is your audience and if your client says that then it is time to have a talk. Figure out who your consumer is and then give them a name, an age, a profession, a location, a family, and why they would use your product over another company’s.
  • Make sure you give a reasonable timeline for yourself and for the projected outcomes that will occur. You want to be sure that you can complete the work that you’ve explained in the best amount of time and you should clue your client into how long it will take the benefits to be noticed.
  • Make sure that you can check off all of the subcategories of a proposal before you hand it over to your client. There are many templates online that show what should be added to a proposal, and you should use that to your advantage, because they will help you notice if you put all the necessary information in. Some information that you should add to your proposal include: timeline, budget, past clients, team members, strategies, examples, audience, proposed problem and solution, etc.

Hopefully, these few tips and the plethora of tips out online will help you write the best proposal ever! Here are some samples that have been provided by my professor that are really informative, so take a look at those if you need some help!

If you’ve read this post and you’re totally lost because you thought you would learn some tips on how to propose to your girlfriend, then let me send you over to this post that will help you out a bit more than I could. Good luck!


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