3210 – Progress Report Week Two


Here it is. Week two has ended and the work is starting to pile up. I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing because it means that now I have a lot of things to occupy my time with, but that whole using my time wisely hasn’t kicked in yet. Here’s hoping that I get it together for this next week!

This week wasn’t too intense in this particular class. We went over the history of the internet during the first class this week. It was actually pretty interesting and I felt like I even learned a little bit more about aspects of the internet that I thought I knew more about.

We picked our two projects this week too, which has me wanting to pull my hair out. I decided to go with the online video series project and I had the how to or explainer project chosen for me. I was excited to pick the online video series because I have a group who have a pretty interesting idea, however it seems we have to work for an actual outside client. We’ll see how that goes, because it is hard to try to juggle 5 classes and two jobs, on top of trying to find businesses to work with.

I’m interested to get into creating the branding video that we were assigned, and I hope that I can come up with something funny that can appeal to the demographic we discussed in class.



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